NYSERDA Report Shows Increase in Home Heating Oil Prices.

Posted on September 28th, 2018

KoscoHeritage offers savings solutions.

It may seem impossible to avoid the rise of heating fuel prices, especially as we move closer to the harsh winter months. In fact, New York State’s average home heating oil prices have been on the increase since KoscoHeritage launched their pre-buy program in July of this year. According to the NYSERDA, this year’s prices have since averaged over 20% above last year and they’re climbing… (Thousands of area residents have learned that by pre-buying their heating fuel on a budget plan they can protect their price and control their heating fuel expense before the winter months).

In addition, there is a solution to cut fuel usage. Have you ever looked into upgrading your home’s heating system? The shocking truth is that most home heating systems sadly operate at only 75% efficiency. According to the New York Oil Heating Association, homeowners can reduce their bills by 30% or more by upgrading their current boiler or furnace. Moreover, John Balducci of KoscoHeritage, one of the area’s largest heating and home comfort companies, explains, “even a 15% upgrade in efficiency can result in a $300-$400 annual savings for homeowners in the Hudson Valley.”

        It may be difficult to know when your furnace or boiler needs to be replaced. According to Balducci, a heating system should be assessed for its efficiency level regularly. There are telltale signs of when your system needs an upgrade. For example, if your heating system makes odd noises or heats the rooms of your home inconsistently, it may be in need of repair or replacement. A huge sign that your furnace or boiler needs an upgrade is when your heating fuel usage steadily rises. There are a number of other benefits of high-efficiency heating systems on top of shrinking the monthly bill. High-efficiency heating systems are environmentally friendly, releasing virtually zero emissions. They will also keep your home at a regulated level of heat, consistent in every room. Lastly, newer systems are quiet by comparison.

Are you interested in finding out what a high-efficiency heating system could save you? KoscoHeritage will provide a free system inspection and detailed saving analysis. They even offer 0% financing option to qualified buyers. Don’t wait any longer to discover how much you can benefit when you price protect your fuel and upgrade to a high-efficiency heating system!  KoscoHeritage can be reached at 845-247-2200 or visit KoscoHeritage.com