So You May Need A Heating System Replacement

Posted on November 29th, 2018

Should You Replace Your Old Or Inefficient Heating System in Your Home?

Ensuring your home runs efficiently is a major goal for any homeowner. The boiler and furnace are some systems that should always be in working and efficient order and if they are not you should definately consider a heating system replacement. The best indicator of a high-efficiency boiler or heating system is low idle loss, or how much heat is wasted when the boiler is off. Conventional boilers weigh several hundred pounds and have a lot of heat energy wasted in the boiler itself when the burner shuts off. To help reduce all these “idle” losses, some better grade conventional boiler designs add insulation and burner dampers, but this is like having a well-insulated coffee thermos bottle and leaving the top off – a terrible waste of energy. The AFUE or yellow energy guide rating is supposed to indicate average usage, but is generations behind today’s technology and virtually ignores idle loss. Our experts can assess your older systems energy efficiency and provide a free estimate for a high efficiency system that will reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 40% and last for decades.

Common reasons to Replace Heating Systems:

  1. Cut fuel costs with a high-efficiency boiler or heat and hot water system
  2. Improve comfort with quieter operation
  3. Cut greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Replace an older boiler or furnace that is no longer reliable or has failed
  5. Improve home comfort
  6. Expanded use requires more heat or hot water output; like a growing family or an addition to your home
  7. Improve comfort and efficiency with pools or spas
  8. Improve home resale value

When Looking to Upgrade or Switch Heat Systems

If you are comparing heating systems, you may be aware of some confusing claims made by Oilheat’s competitors. According to the Hudson Valley Oil & Energy Councils website – the following information is offered to assist you in obtaining the facts about the advantages of heating your home with Heating Oil.


  • Home heating oil burns so cleanly, it is not subject to any clean air requirements.
  • Residential oil burner particulate emissions are now approaching near-zero levels. The introduction of ultra-low sulfur fuel is moving toward environmental sustainability.
  • Upgrading to a new, more efficient oil system can save you 30% in heating and hot water costs.
  • Fuel oil is not explosive and inhalation of fuel oil fumes cannot be fatal. Nothing beats the safety of Oilheat.

* Source: Energy Communications Council