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Posted on December 31st, 2018

Baby, it’s cold inside! If your home has rooms that are difficult to keep warm, it’s time to call KoscoHeritage and get a free assessment of your heating system. Indoor temperatures that are too can harm your health. When winter comes along, the World Health Organization recommends indoor temperatures of at least 64F degrees, and raises that to 70F degrees for households which include infants, elderly members, or frail individuals.

During the winter season, overexposure inside a cold house could cause body temperature to drop below the normal level (98.6 degrees Celsius) and hypothermia can set in – a condition in which your body temperature drops, and your heart, nervous system and other body organs can’t work normally.

There are lots of reasons why a room or rooms in your home might be too cold in the winter. Some solutions are more affordable than others. A KoscoHeritage heating specialist can help evaluate your homes heating system. Affordable solutions might be as simple as a system tune-up or replacing an old part both covered under a valued KoscoHeritage Comfort Service Plan.  

Sometimes replacing your older heating system might be the smartest approach. Because today’s heating systems are highly efficient and burn less fuel they can keep your home warmer at a lower cost. A typical home burns 700-800 gallons of heating fuel annually. Efficiency gains for a new heating system might reduce fuel usage by up to 40%. That means a typical home could save as much as 200-300 gallons of heating fuel, a $600 – $900 annual savings at today’s prices.   

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