Should You Have a Heating System Maintenance Plan?

Posted on February 21st, 2019

A Look at the Economics of This Question.

All heating systems, (oil and gas fired) require regular maintenance, so the big question is should you have a maintenance plan. Industry experts agree a plan is the best way to assure your heating system is running at peak performance, meaning preventing unexpected breakdowns and burning less fuel.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dirt and neglect are the top causes of heating system inefficiency and failure. To ensure efficient system operation, it’s important to perform routine maintenance. So let’s take a closer look at the economics of the question. (1) Less Fuel Usage: If a typical home burns 800 gallons of fuel annually and a tuneup (included in a maintenance plan) results in a 5% -10% gain in efficiency you’ll burn 40-80 gallons less in fuel. Depending on the market price in a given year you’ll save anywhere from a low of $120 to $240 or more. Although the exact amount of savings depends on several factors the savings is real and unfortunately go unrecognized because they are accounted for in less fuel usage, something most people do not monitor.  (2) Less System Failure: If your system is ten years old or older it has a higher probability of need maintenance and breaking down. Not much different than your car, except you are likely more aware of your car’s performance since you are driving it regularly. The cost of a basic breakdown can really add up because it goes beyond the cost of the repair itself. Imagine for a moment what burden you might face if your heating system broke down in the middle of the night. Without a plan it’s likely you’ll be spending time on the phone trying to get a technician to show up and likely you’ll be missing some work to let the technician in and hang out while the needed repairs are made. Then comes the bill, oh boy! Without a plan, typically you’ll get a minimum $150 house call fee, add to that repair labor cost at $120 or more per hour plus add on the parts cost. I don’t think you can expect to get away with anything less than a $450 bill. With a $220 Comfort Plan from KoscoHeritage you would have paid approximately $380, and with their current $400 Comfort Advantage Plan you would have paid nothing for the repair (the plan fully covers most basic repairs).

So let’s review the economics. In our hypothetical example, without a plan, you could be spending at minimum $120 more on fuel usage and as little as $450 on a single repair for a total expense of $570. If you were on KoscoHeritage’s lowest cost Comfort Plan you would get the tuneup included and 15% off all parts and labor ($67.50) on your repairs so if we subtract the said savings from the cost of the plan $220 your total out of pocket would be $32.50 for the year. Now factor in any inconveniences a repair call may have cost you without a plan and the possibility of another repair needed and you can quickly realize the value of having a plan. It’s important to note that if you were to invest in a KoscoHeritage Comfort Advantage Plan a $470 investment your total cost minus your savings would have put an extra $100 in your pocket given this scenario.

Our suggestion, Tune up your Heating System annually. Proper maintenance by a qualified KoscoHeritage technician is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent future problems and lower your fuel costs.

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