Why are regular maintenance and tune-ups essential?

Posted on April 30th, 2019

Regular equipment maintenance is important to ensure that your equipment keeps running at its peak efficiency all season long, saving you money, protecting our environment, and bringing you peace of mind.

Most of all, it is the best way to ensure that your heating systems work when you need them, from the hottest of summer days to the biting cold of winter. Don’t chance a breakdown. Protect your equipment with a KoscoHeritage maintenance and tune-up plan today.  In addition, our experts are better able to spot potential issues with your system during regular maintenance and make recommendations to prevent any issues from escalating.

KoscoHeritage certified technicians perform an unprecedented 45-step procedure that will assure optimal performance from your heating system and reduce the likelihood of an unexpected breakdown. This top quality preventive maintenance is included with your Service Plan at no extra cost.

Unlike other tune-ups, KoscoHeritage has advanced beyond the standard “filter and nozzle change”. This was accomplished with two goals in mind: reducing downtime and maximizing efficiency for all of our customer’s heating and hot water systems. Based on the industry’s recognized standards, we have developed the KoscoHeritage Premium Tune-Up. Through exceptional training and with over fifty years of heating experience, our certified technicians have mastered this procedure.

Maintaining heating system efficiency and reducing fuel consumption should be a priority for every homeowner. In many cases, new customers with systems that have not had a premium tune-up in the past will see 10% efficiency improvements of more yielding a $240 annual savings.