Automatic Delivery

Fuel Oil, Kerosene & Propane

KoscoHeritage delivers premium heating fuels
to your home via automatic delivery.

This convenient, “worry-free” delivery method is ideal for homeowners who desire complete “peace-of-mind” regarding their heating system and fuel delivery.

Annual fuel usage is calculated based on weather conditions and past history. We use calculations based on ‘degree days’ to determine when to schedule your next delivery. KoscoHeritage monitors your usage year after year to assure accurate deliveries so you never run out of fuel.

If you have an event or circumstance that will increase your fuel usage temporarily or permanently, please advise KoscoHeritage of your situation so we can factor such events into your usage calculations & delivery schedule. To ensure that you never run out of fuel, please inform us of any changes that affect your fuel consumption.

Reminder – Be sure to keep paths to tank fill
clear and free of obstacles especially snow and ice.

Period Delivery (Days Between Delivery) is another form of automatic delivery that is based on days between deliveries. This method is used when the outside temperature has no bearing on the consumption of fuel. An example would be propane used for hot water heating, cooking or drying.

This is an accurate means of delivering energy if everything remains fairly constant. If your family expands or you have long-staying house guests, your usage will increase. We have no way of knowing about such changes; however, if you notify us we can make the appropriate adjustments to your delivery schedule to avoid any run-outs.

What are Degree Days?

Heating degree days are a calculation designed to reflect the demand for energy needed to heat a home or business. We use this system to calculate your next delivery based on your prior three deliveries with us.

Heating degree days are calculated by subtracting the average daily temperature from 65 degrees. For example: on a cold day in January the high temperature may be 20 degrees and the low temperature 0 resulting in an average daily temperature of 10 degrees (subtract 10 degrees from 65 degrees and you made 55 degree days on that day).

We will calculate your next delivery based on degree days. It may appear we deliver every so many weeks, but the fact is we base delivery solely on the outdoor temperature and your prior gallons delivered. You should notify us of any changes that may affect your usage.