Certified Training

You deserve on call service from KoscoHeritage’s experts. We won’t leave you out in the cold.

As life demands more and more from you each year, you can’t afford to waste your time trying to find a service-person who can get your heating system running properly.

KoscoHeritage service technicians are highly skilled heating system experts.

Why do you need service from experts?

  • The newer high efficiency heating systems found in most homes today require trained technicians to perform the proper adjustments and preventative maintenance routines necessary for the system to perform at their optimum efficiency, safely and reliably.
  • Higher energy costs will have you demanding that your system run at it’s peak performance to reduce fuel consumption and lower your costs. KoscoHeritage technicians are trained to maximize your systems efficiency.
  • Keep your heating system running and your family warm. The common cleaning and visual flame inspection typical of most “tune-ups” is unlikely to maximize efficiencies on any system. KoscoHeritage trained technicians perform the KoscoHeritage Premium Tune-Up with over 40 steps to increase your systems efficiency and improve your systems reliability.
  • Your family deserves the very best service. KoscoHeritage technicians are certified and on call 24/7 including weekends and holidays. So, regardless of the time or day, you can speak with a KoscoHeritage  in-house representative who will dispatch a KoscoHeritage expert technician to your home to restore heat to your home.

Homeowners can expect nothing less than professional service results from KoscoHeritage

KoscoHeritage maintains a service team of fully trained and certified heating technicians. Our investment in the region’s most advanced, state-of-the-art training facility further emphasizes the importance of providing premium service for you, the homeowner.

Specific training objectives address:

  • Customer relationships and communication
  • System and maintenance documentation
  • Environmental Policies
  • System evaluations
  • Whole house heating system efficiency
  • System repair, rebuilds, installations
  • Energy star requirements
  • Quality process
  • Cleanliness