Environmental Statement

KoscoHeritage is committed to protecting
human health and the environment

We consider the potential environmental impact of every facet of our operation. We strive to provide quality products and services in the safest possible manner that meet or exceed our customer’s needs while operating within a strict regulatory framework.

This includes taking a stewardship approach by implementing both internal and external compliance programs to insure conformity with all Federal, State, and Local environmental regulations.

In order to achieve the mission of environmental conservation and protection of human health, KoscoHeritage will encourage its employees to:

  1. Continuously review our procedures and consider new technologies and innovative programs to reduce potential adverse environmental effects of our operations, while at the same time maintaining the appropriate standards of quality products and services.
  2. Work with Federal, State, and Local regulators as well as industry peers, to comply with laws and regulations aimed at protecting the environment.
  3. Consider alternative processes and methods of conducting our business if there is a demonstrated resultant environmental benefit.
  4. Educate employees, customers, and consumers through training, programs, and activities that promote environmental responsibility.
  5. Consider and meet the opportunities presented within an evolving global petroleum market to promote and maintain the most positive attitude toward the environment.