Fuel Oil

Heating your home with oil can provide you with a warm comfortable home throughout the heating season. Heating with oil is one of the most economical methods available to homeowners in the Hudson Valley. KoscoHeritage includes a premium fuel additive in the fuel oil delivered to your home to assure the optimal performance of your heating system.

Today’s oil heating systems provide clean, safe, efficient, cost effective and environmentally sound heat that provides security against the cold. New technology has created the most efficient generation of domestic heating oil systems ever.

Oil heat is a great choice for home comfort

Did you know that if you drop a lit match into a tank of Oilheat, it would go out? Home heating oil will not explode and is not combustible at room temperature. It has to be heated to 140°F. before it vaporizes.

If you adjust for inflation, the price of heating oil is actually less than it was in 1980! Discover how Oilheat is a great value, year after year. Compared to the Consumer Price Index, which represents the average prices consumers’ pay on a wide range of products, Oilheat has increased about half as much. In comparison, medical care has increased in cost by nearly 400%. Thanks to major technological advancements, the newest Oilheat systems (condensing boilers and furnaces) have AFUE ratings that exceed 92%.

There will always be a plentiful supply, even during the coldest winter months. In fact, the United States has a Strategic Petroleum Reserve with a capacity of 720 million barrels — the world’s largest emergency oil stockpile — in addition to a two-million-barrel heating oil reserve. There are over 50 oil producing countries, and the U.S. is not dependent on any one country or region for its supply.

Thanks to major advancements being made in Oilheat burner technology, some Oilheat systems now boast efficiency ratings of over 95%! Modern Oilheat equipment actually burns less fuel. The average annual fuel consumption in 1973 was 1,294 gallons; and now it is only 833 gallons that’s 35% less fuel.

KoscoHeritage offer a wide array of full service pricing solutions that include Price Protection with budgeting options, Automatic Delivery and Premium Service for your peace of mind.