Heating Systems

When is it time to replace?

Certain telltale signs indicate it’s time to consider replacing heating equipment, or improving the performance of your overall system. It may be time to call KoscoHeritage to help you make a change if:

  • Your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old
  • Your equipment needs frequent repairs
  • Your energy bills are going up
  • Some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold
  • Your home has humidity problems
  • Your home has excessive dust
  • Your heating system is noisy

According to the Energy Star website (www.energystar.gov), almost half of your home’s annual energy bill goes to heating and cooling the house.

The New York Oil Heating Association explains that homeowners upgrading their current boiler or furnace can reduce bills by 30% or more. They’ll also help the environment, because the new system will produce near-zero emissions and will run more efficiently. Even a fifteen percent improvement in efficiency can result in a $500 annual savings for homeowners in the Hudson Valley.


System 2000 – Natural Gas, LP Gas or Oil Fired
Now you can upgrade your existing water heater, boiler, furnace or heat pump to a single high efficiency system engineered to deliver high performance to your home. System 2000 combines heat and hot water with a single appliance to maximize efficiency in all seasons. Additional benefits include having virtually unlimited hot water and whisper quiet operation.

System 2000 from Energy Kinetics is the first fully integrated heat and hot water system on the market. Unlike conventional boilers, System 2000 is activated only when you need heat or hot water. After heat and hot water needs are satisfied, System 2000 runs a Hybrid Energy Recovery® cycle that puts nearly every ounce of heat left in the boiler to work for you.

System 2000 remains cold when there is no heat needed, which keeps fuel dollars from being wasted.

System 2000 is designed for use with conventional heat and hot water systems for homes, buildings, pools, spas, snow melt systems and more. It’s also fuel neutral; it will run on propane or oil heat.

Buderus Oil Fired or LP Gas
Buderus has a full product line including condensing and wall-hung boilers, domestic hot water storage tanks, climate and energy controls, panel radiators, solar heating systems and other hot water heating accessories. Buderus heating systems provide more consistent, more comfortable heat using far less fuel than conventional high-temperature systems.

G115 Cast Iron Residential Oil Burner – Oil Fired
The Buderus G115 boiler is designed and built to the highest industry standards. It extracts and delivers more heat from every fuel dollar. Acknowledged as the leader in high-efficiency, low emissions hydronic heating, Buderus offers innovative design, quality manufacturing, exceptional efficiency and performance.

GB142 Ultra Efficient 94+ Wall-Hung Boiler – LP Gas Fired
The state-of-the-art design of the GB142, with cast aluminum heat exchanger and integrated controls, is a rare combination of outstanding quality paired with exceptional value.

Burnham Hydronics – Natural Gas, LP Gas or Oil Fired
U.S. Boiler Company provides high efficiency Burnham boilers including an extensive line of gas and oil boilers for both water and steam heating applications. Burnham boilers are ENERGY STAR® certified.

Burnham MegaSteamTM – Oil Fired
The MegaSteam boiler has been exclusively designed by Burnham engineers using a 3-pass, cast iron, sectional design that is unequaled in the industry. MegaSteam sections are produced in Burnham’s own state-of-the-art foundry and at 86% AFUE, MegaSteam boilers are ENERGY STAR® certified as the most efficient oil-fired steam boilers available.

Burnham V8 Series – Oil Fired
The V8 Series boiler is designed for quiet operation while providing years of reliable and efficient service. It is American Craftsmanship at its finest. It is engineered and manufactured to provide years of dependable and efficient home heating for your family. As one of the most versatile boilers available, it is available in multiple heating capacities that can be configured for water or steam with or without a tank-less hot water heating coil.

Burnham MPO Series – Oil Fired
The MPO boiler has been exclusively designed by Burnham engineers to use a 3-pass cast iron sectional design that is unequaled in the industry. MPO sections are produced in Burnham’s own state-of-the-art foundry in Zanesville, Ohio and are the primary reason why the MPO is able to attain an ENERGY STAR-certified 87% AFUE.

Peerless Boilers Oil and Gas Fired
Through experience, technology and innovation, Peerless continues to be a top manufacturer in the hydronic heating industry. They manufacture both gas and oil-fired boilers for residential and commercial applications. Many of Peerless’ residential boilers are Energy Star® compliant which is an important factor in today’s economic climate and rising fuel costs!

The Peerless® PUREFIRE® – Natural Gas or LP Gas Fired
The Peerless® PUREFIRE® gas-fired condensing boiler is a high-efficiency boiler for residential and commercial applications and is available for either natural or LP gas. The direct vent, sealed combustion boiler has an ultra-high 97.3% efficiency and is ENERGY STAR® approved*! The PUREFIRE, now available in six sizes, has ASME and ETL certifications for both the U.S. and Canada and is the most thoroughly tested high efficiency boiler on the market! A unique condensate system with built-in neutralizer component and float switch protection is a top feature of the boiler.

Series WBV/WV – Oil Fired
The Series WBV/WV residential, oil-fired boilers are available for use with both hot water and steam systems and designed for natural draft (chimney) venting. The fully-packaged or knockdown boilers are available in 3 sizes (3-5 sections) with 8 firing rates. The Series WBV/WV boilers are available with your choice of Beckett, Carlin or Riello burners. These burners feature a high voltage, solid state ignitor that improves ignition, and a state-of-the-art motor that results in a lower amp draw and cooler operation. The combination of the advanced control and a solenoid oil valve results in cleaner and quieter burner operation.


Space Heaters

Empire Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces DV-Series – LP Gas or Natural Gas Fired
When you need to heat a single room or an entire home, Empire has Direct-Vent Furnaces to suit your needs. With a Direct-Vent system, there is a positive difference in fuel economy because outside air is used to support combustion. The air on the inside is warmed as it recirculates around a sealed chamber. This warm air comfortably heats the room cleanly and efficiently. Empire’s Direct-Vent wall furnaces are ideal where existing flues or chimneys cannot be used. Just one hole through an outside wall is all you need. If you must vent, you will receive maximum fuel economy from Direct-Vent heaters.

Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace – LP Gas or Natural Gas Fired
With the even and consistent heat provided by a Rinnai Wall Furnace, you can enjoy comfortable heat anywhere, all winter long. Rinnai Wall Furnaces are efficient and easy to install. The innovative cool-to-the-touch cabinet makes it safe for the whole family. The Rinnai direct vent wall furnace’s reputation lies in its ability to extract up to 84% AFUE efficiency through the use of a stainless steel heat exchanger, which adds many years of comfort. Just imagine, no heat loss from leaky ducts!

Radiant Floor Heating

Watts Radiant Floor Heating
Every bare foot. Every square foot. Radiant floor heat is the most comfortable and efficient form of heat known to mankind. Radiant floor systems conduct heat through the floor. The warm floor then broadcasts heat to every cold object in the room, especially to your feet. It’s an unparalleled sense of comfort, and the fuel efficiencies can be tremendous. Watts Radiant floor heating systems are clean, quiet, and decorators love them. There are no vents or baseboards, so furniture can be placed anywhere. Any type of floor covering can be installed over these systems. There simply is no match for radiant floor heating.

Radiant floor heating systems warm homes, businesses, warehouses, garages, and even airplane hangars. The hydronic hoses and tubes are easily installed in new construction and retrofitted into existing structures. Premium Onix hose or E-PexB cross-linked polyethylene tubing can be installed above or below subfloors in Staple-upsTM, slabs, thin slabs, or sandwiched between subfloors.