Home Monitoring

Fuel Oil, Kerosene & Propane

Keep your home warm and secure, when you are sleeping, at work, or away on vacation. Our home monitoring system detects heat loss, burner failure, and a low fuel level. It alerts KoscoHeritage that service is required.

It’s the perfect solution for a second home with the KoscoHeritage Home Monitoring System (KHMS), you never again have to fear your pipes freezing up due to a heating system failure.

Because KHMS is battery powered and because signals are sent over ordinary telephone lines, KHMS has the added advantage of being able to transmit should there be an electrical power failure at your home. KHMS will also signal when the transmitter battery needs replacement. (Please note in the event of electrical power failure, heat will not be restored until power has been restored.)

How it works

A small monitor is installed near your heating unit and connects to your home telephone line. Just like a security alarm, it calls our system to let us know if there is a problem. Sensing devices routinely check your home’s heat sources and provides KoscoHeritage with essential information.

A temperature sensor detects any dramatic drop in indoor temperature. If the temperature drops below 47°, a “no heat” message is sent to KoscoHeritage.

An oil burner sensor sends us a “burner failure” message if your burner locks out on safety and fails to operate.

A fuel sensor is attached to your tank and if the fuel level falls below a preset mark, our office is notified with a “deliver” message.

KoscoHeritage’s Home Monitoring System offers peace of mind to homeowners. Click here for application