Kerosene is an oil byproduct used as a fuel and as a heat source. With an increased interest in emergency blackout preparedness, kerosene has become a strong alternative to electric heating.

The best thing about kerosene heaters is that they do not need electricity to make your living space warm. You can enjoy warm rooms even during a storm or power outage. You can store kerosene in large enough quantities that you won’t have to fear prolonged periods without electric. When it comes to home heating, 200 gallons of kerosene equals approximately 1 cord of wood. KoscoHeritage commonly installs both new and replacement kerosene heating systems in mobile homes throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Kerosene heat offers space-heating convenience

Because kerosene heaters burn very efficiently, they are usually safe for indoor use. As a precaution, a small amount of air ventilation is usually recommended.

Kerosene has been used as a heat source for decades. Because of their simple operation, quality kerosene heaters are typically available at a lower cost than comparable propane or electric units. Kerosene heaters use a fuel that is very energy efficient. This allows significant heat to be produced from minimal amounts of fuel, compared with other heating sources such as wood or coal or electric.

Kerosene heaters allow an area to be kept warm in the event of a power outage. This makes them invaluable for emergency and disaster preparedness.

Using a kerosene heater to heat smaller spaces or homes can prove to be very efficient. In zoned heating, one room can be kept warmer without increasing the heat to all other rooms, saving energy and money.

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