Other Propane Uses

The Home Energy Solution
When used as a home energy source, propane gas can fuel a range of systems throughout your home. It offers reliability, cleanliness, improved performance and savings. On average, propane costs half as much per BTU as electricity.

Propane Solutions
That Create Comfort and Savings:

  • Pools & Hot Tubs
    Affordably extend
    your swimming season
  • Cooking
    Professional chefs prefer
    cooking with gas
  • Fireplaces
    Enjoy the comfort and warmth
    without the hassle of wood
  • Clothes Dryers
    Save up to 65 percent in costs
    over electric dryers
  • Outdoor Space Heaters
    Stay outside longer and warmer
  • Gas Grills
    Propane-fueled cook tops offer
    instant heat and absolute temperature