Premium Additive

Fuel Oil & Kerosene

After years of storing fuel without an oil additive, this homeowner’s tank eventually needed to be replaced due to excessive sludge build-up.

An inside view of KoscoHeritage’s huge fuel oil storage tank. The tanks are extremely clean and without signs of sludge due to the use of their premium fuel oil additive.
KoscoHeritage Premium Additives improve fuel quality and your heating system efficiency.



To assure the optimal performance of your heating system, KoscoHeritage includes a premium fuel additive in the fuel oil delivered to your home.

This Premium Additive from Innospec Fuel Specialties, known as Home Heating Oil Additive 3100, prevents sludge, provides microbiological control, combustion improvement, and fuel anti-gel.

Clogged screens, filters and nozzles cause unwanted service calls and increase maintenance costs.

The premium heating oil additive helps keep screens, filters and nozzles clean and operating at peak efficiency. This results in maximum energy output, fewer service calls, and savings.

Through the use of detergents, dispersants, stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors and optional cold flow improvers Home Heating Oil Additive 3100 will help to:

  • Prevent sludge formation
  • Maximize filter life
  • Keep fuel lines and tanks clean
  • Protect fuel system from rust and corrosion
  • Keeps screens, filters and nozzles clean of deposits
  • Reduce breeding ground for bacteria and algae
  • Reduce smoke and particulate
  • Reduce pour point (optional formula)
  • Protects metallic components
  • Keep Your Home Well Heated!