Terms and Conditions of Our Service Plans

      1. Service Plans cover labor and parts as outlined in plan summaries that are necessary to maintain, repair or replace existing parts of covered heating equipment and includes one scheduled preventative maintenance of said equipment per Plan term, all in accordance with these terms and conditions. Labor and materials not expressly covered by the Plan will be charged at prevailing KoscoHeritage rates. Non-emergency night, holiday, and weekend calls are not covered and will be billed at prevailing KoscoHeritage rates
      2. Plan covers one (1) heating appliance, unless additional appliances are added with optional coverage or a written customized plan. All equipment is subject to inspection prior to start of coverage. Covered equipment and installation must be in compliance with applicable laws, codes and standards, including without limitation for LP/propane gas equipment: NFPA54, NFPA58, AGA Certification, NYS Fuel Gas Code and ANSI.
      3. It is your responsibility to contact KoscoHeritage to arrange annual preventative maintenance and burner service, if needed (see telephone numbers below). Tune-ups should be scheduled from April-October. Any tune-ups scheduled outside this window may be subject to cancellation due to emergency calls. Appointments not canceled prior to technician’s arrival are subject to (1) one hour labor charge at current rate. For covered LP (propane gas) appliances, if any interruption of service occurs (meaning the flow of gas was stopped for any reason), a leak test must be performed per NYS Code (406.6.3) and is chargeable.
      4. KoscoHeritage will not be responsible for damage to unattended, vacant, or unoccupied premises. Plan does not cover: (a) maintenance, repair or replacement of your fuel storage tank and fuel lines; (b) labor and materials to bring equipment installation into compliance with applicable laws, codes and standards, to repair frozen or leaking domestic or heating pipes, to thaw frozen water pipes, oil lines or outside oil tanks, to dispose of water or other foreign matter from oil tanks, to address runouts not caused by KoscoHeritage, or to replace or dispose of anti-freeze or batteries for carbon monoxide (CO) detectors or thermostats; (c) replacement of or work on domestic hot water coils, draft inducers, combustion blowers, power venting equipment or connected controls, manufacturer specific controls, or any other specialized outdoor reset controls, bronze circulators, air conditioners, humidifiers, electric air cleaners and filter media, boiler sections, heat exchanger, air handler components, burner replacement, programmable thermostats, kick space heaters, steam boiler water feed valves, non-residential equipment controls, blower housing, heat distributing units (radiators, baseboard radiation), piping or duct work, duct cleaning, hot water mixing valves, water heater anode rods, thermal (domestic water) expansion tanks, back flow preventers, motorized zone dampers and their connected relays, replacement dry bases and/or their combustion chamber, replacement refractory chambers, fire brick repair or replacement, steam condensate pumps, pool heaters, hearth products, external power generator equipment, steam boiler return tanks, or fuel flow problems directly related to outside oil storage tanks; (d) testing, monitoring or effectiveness of anti-freeze in the heating system; or (e) cleaning, repairs, replacement or any work on chimneys or damage to equipment resulting from chimney malfunction.
      5. Plans do not cover heating appliances determined by KoscoHeritage to be obsolete, including, without limitation: G.E., Jet Heat, Yukon, Timken, and Iron Fireman brands, or combination wood/coal units.
      6. Subject to inspection of covered equipment, coverage will commence on the date KoscoHeritage receives full payment and the Plan agreement signed by me. Plan will automatically renew annually, unless KoscoHeritage or I cancel it on ten (10) days written notice to the other.
      7. KoscoHeritage may discontinue performance under the Plan if at any time working conditions at my premises are hazardous or unsanitary or if my account with KoscoHeritage is past due. KoscoHeritage may terminate the Plan if (a) any person not authorized by KoscoHeritage services or modifies the covered equipment or installation, or (b) it is no longer practical to service my equipment or installation due to age, obsolescence, or non-compliance, but I can continue the Plan if, after my approval and at my expense, KoscoHeritage modernizes my covered equipment.
      8. I will not hold KoscoHeritage responsible for repair or replacement of parts damaged by faulty electrical systems, water, flood, fire, act of God, or by any cause not reasonably within KoscoHeritage’s control, including, without limitation, government action, failure of electrical and/or water supply, absence, accident, tampering with or neglect of heating equipment. Under no circumstances shall KoscoHeritage be liable for any consequential or incidental damages or loss of profits, bodily injury, property damage or decrease in property value arising out of disposal, discharge, dispersal, release or escape of any petroleum product from, into or upon my premises, any surrounding property, the atmosphere or any water course or body of water unless in each case caused by KoscoHeritage’s gross negligence. In any case, KoscoHeritage’s liability hereunder shall not exceed the plan price.
      9. Plan price is non-refundable. Any unused portion may be transferred to a new credit-approved KoscoHeritage customer for the balance of the Plan term. Customers who cancel prior to the expiration date of their service plan must pay the remaining payments in full at the time of cancellation.
      10. The terms of the Plan incorporate the terms of KoscoHeritage Customer Agreement to the extent the latter is not in conflict herewith. Payment of plan constitutes acceptance of Service Plan terms and conditions and KoscoHeritage Customer Agreement. Get the KoscoHeritage Customer Agreement at www.KoscoHeritage.com or call the office for a copy.
      11. Plan will automatically terminate if automatic delivery by KoscoHeritage of fuel used in the covered appliance(s) stops. This plan is contingent upon my exclusive use of KoscoHeritage-supplied heating fuel for the covered appliance(s). Use of fuel from any other source in the covered appliance(s) will automatically terminate this plan without further liability to me.
      12. KoscoHeritage warrants against defects in materials and workmanship supplied hereunder as long as this plan remains in effect. Except for the foregoing warranty, KoscoHeritage disclaims all other warranties, both expressed and implied, including warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, even if known to KoscoHeritage.
      13. Any parts or services not specifically listed on plan summaries are excluded from coverage.
      14. Any discount included in our plans may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers.