Switching Propane Providers

Switching propane providers is a very easy process. Another company’s tank can easily be swapped out for a KoscoHeritage propane tank. This process usually takes less than an hour to complete and is free of charge. Tanks requiring more time and attention may be subject to a fee.

In order for KoscoHeritage to provide propane service, your equipment must be in compliance with all safety regulations. Any equipment, such as safety or shut off valves that need to be added must be installed before service can be provided. KoscoHeritage cannot hook up to any non-compliant system with code violations.

When hooking up a new propane tank, we must perform a leak test. In compliance with NYS Code 406.6.3, a leak test must be performed after any interruption of service (when the flow of gas is stopped). If a leak is found it must be repaired immediately. Our customer’s safety is our utmost concern.

For more information, please call (845) 331-0770 ext. 4151.